Dance For All People

The Dance For All People comes out of a tradition of the Great Basin/Plateau peoples that has been revitalized by Native Americans to perpetuate the healing and renewal of Mother Earth and all her beings in a traditional way. The Dance is described as follows: “It is about each person in the community taking personal responsibility to make this mission of healing and renewal a part of their daily lives. Through the vessel of the Dance, the community focuses hearts, minds, and prayers on the transformation of our inner beings based on the premise that we must become in our inner lives what we intend to create in the outer world.

“The purpose of the present-day Dance is, as it has always been, about healing and renewal: for ourselves, our families, and Mother Earth. In our quest and struggle with modern living we may have forgotten how to pray from the heart in a good way, how to seek and give heartfelt council in community, how to receive Spirit in our hearts and lives. In our busy-ness we sometimes even forget how much healing work we have to do! With all the planetary and personal shiftings being experiencing daily, the need for Ceremony in our lives is paramount.”

Continually updated, the website features information about the Dance, how-to articles, profiles of native elders past and present connected to the Dance, a large reading list, and other articles of interest to current and new participants.

About The Dance For All People Website

After a year-long makeover, the new Dance For All People website debuted in June of 2017 with a modern and security-rich upgrade with a new theme from Avada. With close to 300 pages and posts, the whole look and feel was reconfigured with new code and rewritten content. With the robust Avada theme the navigation was able to be simplified and easier to use. Much effort was put into creating new content that would be welcoming to first-time visitors.

The Board of the nonprofit that supports the Dance For All People — the Naraya Cultural Preservation Council — made the decision to move their pre-existing website content within the Dance For All People website, a delicate undertaking. This required a logo redesign, and creating a new presence that did not get lost in the upgrade.

Webworks is responsible for design, writing, posting of articles, and ongoing maintenance. Webworks also is responsible for the creation of logo and content for the Dance For All People YouTube Channel.


Robert Sink has done amazing work for our nonprofit organization and the Dance For All People site! His designs and format are wonderful, he is a true professional. He works with you every step of the way and truly understands what you want in a web site. Thanks for everything you have you done and continue to do for us Robert!
— Clyde M. Hall, Executive & Cultural Director, NCPC