Video Production & Editing

We are firmly entrenched in the YouTube/Vimeo era, and to NOT have some sort of video to tell your story is to dismiss a great medium of communication. Webworks’ Robert Sink has been shooting and editing since the 70’s on Super8, 16mm, VHS, and all the assorted current flavors of high def. He has always been most interested in the offbeat, indie, noncommercial, docs, and informational realms. With longtime experience of the craft of filmmaking he knows how to work fast, and work smart to capture what’s needed to tell a story with sight and sound. While it’s also great to have a healthy budget, it’s possible to get a “big bang” even with limited time and resources.

Rudi Movie Project

CLIENT: RUDI Movie Project

PROJECT: Vimeo On Demand trailer to promote the HD 2016 streaming version of the Rudi Movie   

DETAILS: Original Editor for the 16mm film documentary; produced the restoration in 2007 to DVD, and now the high def version in 2016.


Dance For All People

CLIENT: Dance For All People

PROJECT: What Is Prayer? 19-Part Series

DETAILS: Recorded on location, adding stills, motion graphics, wrap-arounds, and music

MORE VIDEOS: Dance For All People YouTube Channel

Earthsinger: Joan Henry

CLIENT: Joan Henry & Earthsinger

PROJECT: Live performances recorded in concert at the Blue Deer Center. This song has over 420K views.

DETAILS: ; Produced, shot and edited  four shorts by Webworks, including audio sweetening in post.

MORE VIDEOS: Earthsinger YouTube Channel

Vocalise: Kristina Jones

CLIENT: Kristina Jones, Vocal Coach

PROJECT: Class With Kristina Jones Series

DETAILS: This 8-part series with vocal coach Kristina Jones of Portland, OR, presents her unique and fun teaching methods to help singers discover and strengthen their voice. Recorded live.

MORE VIDEOS: Kristina Jones YouTube Channel

Stuart Perrin: Kundalini Yoga

CLIENT: Stuart Perrin

PROJECT: Becoming A Spiritual Warrior Series

DETAILS: The six-part series was recorded live at the Meditation Yoga Center in Portland, OR. Webworks recorded, produced, and edited the series. Also produced the 12-part series Becoming Happy

MORE VIDEOS: Stuart Perrin YouTube Channel

Blue Kite Press

CLIENT: Blue Kite Press & Stuart Perrin

PROJECT: This video series of some 35 videos are a recording of  live panel discussions that address the atrocity of human sex trafficking here in the U.S. and abroad.

DETAILS: Produced and edited by Webworks on location in New York City and Portland, OR.

MORE VIDEOS: Blue Kite Press YouTube Channel

Bodhivastu Big Indian

CLIENT: Rudi Movie Project & Bodhivastu Big Indian

PROJECT: Bodhivastu Big Indian Meditation Sanctuary

DETAILS: On the Summer Solstice of 2018, John Mann & Lama Rangbar announced that the Big Indian property will be turned over to Bodhivastu Foundation & President Lama Rangbar. Webworks shot and edited the project.

MORE VIDEOS: Rudi Movie on Vimeo

Dance For All People: FutureTalk

CLIENT: Dance For All People

PROJECT: Young adults of the Dance For All People come together to talk of their experiences in ceremony and how it has changed their lives.

DETAILS: Webworks and Robert Sink in association with Kwai Lam produced this nine-part series & trailer on behalf of Dance For All People. Shot live on location as a three-camera project over 2 days in Bedford, NY. Mixed and edited by Robert Sink.